Walk in Showers – Why You Should Buy One

Walk in Showers – Why You Should Buy One

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A walk in shower has a tonne of benefits over a traditional tray based shower beyond aesthetics. Walk in showers should be seen as a long-term investment that brings durability, great returns on investment, flexibility and many other positive factors.

If you’re currently considering making the plunge and getting a walk in shower, here are just some of the benefits that’ll come with it.

Flexibility and customisation

A walk in shower can be built to suit you. In a world where there are varying demands for diversified ages and tastes, there will always be the need for flexibility and options. A walk in shower offers this flexibility and customisation. You can design your new shower the way that you want it meaning that you get the end product that you want.

Simple to clean

If you’re like me, you want to spend the least amount of time cleaning and more time enjoying the better things in life – and at a guess, I’d say this is true for at least most of us. A walk in shower is extremely simple to clean. Long gone are the days where you’re sat in a shower cubicle or bath with your trousers rolled up and a towel. Simply wipe the tempered glass on a walk in shower enclosure and you’re as good as done.

They’re built to last

Many luxury walk-in showers are made from ceramic tiles or other materials such as natural stone and porcelain. They’re not only breath-taking to look at, they are durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear and the pressure of constant water. Unlike a traditional shower tray, a walk in shower needs to be fully waterproofed prior to the wet room tiles being applied to the floors and walls, using an impermeable waterproofing membrane. All tiles must be installed on a 100% bed of adhesive to ensure water will not track back underneath the tiles and cause leaks. A fully watertight wet room means excellent return on investment and protection for the rest of your home from water damage.

They’re great for the elderly

My parents are in their 60’s and have recently decided to install a walk in shower because of the ease of access it brings. With aging comes certain restrictions and the need for a much more accessible shower than conventional showers offer. The walk in shower for them has made day to day living a lot easier and, in their own words, they’d do it all over again if they were to have the option.

They add value to your home

A walk in shower can fundamentally boost your homes valuation as the huge boost in style and demand warrants it. Not only is the design normally breath-taking but it can be the difference between someone actually buying your home or another one entirely!


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