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It is said that adopting a dog can make you super happy and can help reduce your stress levels. Being around them, playing with them is not less than a therapy. If you do have a dog with you, there are good chances that you have countless pictures of them in your phone. But quality always trumps quantity, doesn’t it? We always look back at the pictures which has captured the true essence of our furry friend. Nowadays people have gone beyond smartphone camera and have started using professional camera equipments to get the best possible pictures.

Here are some of the basic rules you can follow if you want to master the art of dog portraits.

  • Shoot outdoor

Outdoor photography will ensure natural, continuous light. It is very important to make your dog feel comfortable so you can get great shots. Using a flash light or speed light would be difficult for the beginner because you might end up having a picture with a red-eye.


  • Having the whole setup indoor

Incase shooting outdoors is not possible, then turn your room into a studio. The key ingredient to indoor portrait photography is in the usage of lights, making sure that the light intensity remains the same throughout is a difficult task. For a perfect dog portrait use bright but diffused light- it helps to create more flawless pictures.

  • To catch the best expressions keep the background black

Here is an expert tip: Cover the background with a black drape or a curtain and place your dog on a piece of furniture, by doing so you limit their mobility is reduced to some extent and in return you get a little extra time to capture them in a certain pose. Using a black background amplifies their expression in a picture. You can trick them to get their best expressions out. Some of the tricks you could use are playing the song they like, showing them videos or making them play with toys.

  • Shooting from eye level

People have always looked down when it comes to dog because they are petite, so people think shooting them from above could give us a natural view of how we see the dog, but that is not true. Shooting from above will not exactly give us flattering pictures, instead the trick is to get down to their eye level or even lower if required. This helps us in getting to the core of their expressions. The main aim of any portrait is to be able to convey about picture without having to say a single word.

  • Concentrate on the eyes

Portraits are a way of expressing or bringing out the soul of the subject and window to the soul lies in the eyes, it is true for almost all living beings. So the ultimate way to get a good portrait is to focus on the eyes. The eyes can tell you so many things. They are so mesmerizing that it becomes difficult for the viewer to take their eyes off the picture. Just make sure you have the right focal length and aperture. Focal length for an ideal portrait photography is around 70mm- it is perfectly achieved with short telephoto lens, also called as the portrait lens.

  • Get Creative

Get creative with the type of photos you click. Do not just go with the normal sleeping dog portrait, try to take dynamic shots, shoot where they feel comfortable. Be creative with the colors you choose or types of props. You should consider dressing up your dog. You can also try to take close up shots of their paws, their side or their tail. Use fast shutter speed in case you are shooting the dog when it is in motion. Deciding a theme for your photographs reduces the chances of you running out of ideas, so you do not go haywire at the last minute.

Lastly, a bonus tip is all we need: Be patient. Your dog can sense what you are feeling, so if you are worried and tensed all the time, it will make the dog impatient and it will keep on moving around you.

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