Why Install Synthetic Grass Around Your Pool

Why Install Synthetic Grass Around Your Pool

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Are you ready to replace the grass around your pool? If you want grass that will look good all the time, then we suggest that you consider a synthetic grass installation. You’ll find that it’s durable, beautiful, and requires very little maintenance.

Synthetic Grass Always Looks Good

The nice thing about synthetic grass is that it always looks good. Unlike natural grass, chlorinated pool water will not kill it. You don’t have to worry about how you are treating your pool water, it will not ruin your synthetic grass installation. This is important if you want a good looking lawn that you don’t have to think about it.

Synthetic Grass Is Durable

It’s safe to say that the grass around your pool is a high traffic area. If you install natural grass around it, it’s going to be trampled and eventually it will need to be replaced. That’s not the case with synthetic grass. You can walk on it night and day and it will retain it’s smooth appearance. You have to keep in mind that synthetic grass is installed on sports fields all around the country. If it can be stand up to soccer matches, it can easily take on the traffic around a pool.

Synthetic Grass Doesn’t Create Mud

The one thing that drives most people mad about having a pool is all the mud that gets tracked in after you for a swim. Even if doesn’t get tracked in, a muddy backyard isn’t a fun site to behold. You can count on mud when you install natural grass. You won’t have to worry about that with synthetic grass. No mud will ever appear, because it’s not installed with dirt. A clean pool area is guaranteed when you choose synthetic grass.

Synthetic Grass Is Bug Free

Bugs can’t live in synthetic grass. If you have a pool, that’s good news. When you install synthetic grass you’ll have less bugs crawling around and floating in your pool because the grass around it won’t be habitable. That’s good news for whoever has to clean your pool.

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