Why Do You Need Graffiti Removal?

Why Do You Need Graffiti Removal?

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Graffiti removal can be very beneficial for your business. If your building has been vandalized, this could give potential customers the impression that your commercial space is abandoned, which means they won’t come in to inquire about goods or services. People may also think that your company is in a part of town that isn’t safe, and they could share this “information” with others, which could reduce the amount of customer traffic you get on a daily basis. Graffiti can also take away from the beauty or professional appearance of your office space. So, finding the best methods for safe and effective graffiti removal as soon as you can is best.

Work with a professional cleaning team to determine whether you need to clean the building before taking the graffiti from the surface. It is possible to get a paintover, but you should hire a team with extensive experience in this area. The new paint color and the current hue of your building’s exterior should be matched as precisely as possible so that the end result looks polished and professional. The right team can also do the job quickly and seamlessly, so you won’t have to worry about repainting the entire building.

Getting rid of graffiti can also be a matter of power or pressure washing the surface of your building. Abrasive materials like sand, combined with compressed air, are often used to scrape the spray paint from the outside of your commercial space. If your office space is made from particularly delicate materials, you may want to choose soda sandblasting. This cleaning method using sodium bicarbonate to remove difficult stains from the surface of the building. Before or after sandblasting, it may be a good idea to have the building pressure or power washed. This will get rid of any stuck-on debris and dirt that compromises the look of your professional space.

No matter what graffiti removal method you choose, select methods that are safe for the environment. The surrounding businesses and neighbourhoods will benefit from this choice, and if you let your customers know that you’ve selected a “green” method for cleaning your building, this could result in more businesses for your company. It’s also a good idea to talk to your cleaning team about graffiti coverings that will also protect your building from weather and sun damage.

Once the graffiti is completely removed from your building, you’ll need to decide which methods to use for preventing graffiti from ruining your professional space again. There are temporary and permanent graffiti options, so you can make your selection based on your needs and company budget. Temporary coverings are added to the exterior of the building and can be removed if they are ruined by graffiti. Permanent graffiti shields are mixed into the paint, so you can ask for this option if you decide to get a paintover. Permanent graffiti protection makes it easy to remove spray paint from your building’s exterior, which could save you a considerable amount of time and money in the future.