What is the best way to get new keys made?`

What is the best way to get new keys made?`

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If you have a pulse then at some point in time you will find yourself driving all of the way across town to go see the family locksmith and get keys cut. Whether it is for your home, boat, car, business or weird hobby then will surely find yourself there sometime within a 16 month span of time (statistics show).

Cars and truck keys – If you drive a car or truck these days then you probably know that car keys are way different than they used to be. Back when my grandparents were young they drove a Model T. That car would eventually take them from the deep mid-west all the way to Southern California. And those cars did not have locks! But these days cars have high tech transponder keys that start and open the doors of the vehicle. These new car keys are much more costly to replace but at the same time they make it much more difficult for thieves to steal or break in to the vehicle.

House keys – Not a whole lot has changed for house keys. Well, not exactly. While most home in the local area have the traditional style key and lock (because of low costs) there are many other new smart technologies that are getting much less expensive as technologies advance. For you the consumer this is excellent because you can now have the ultimate in home security installed on your home. This way you will be able to access your home with a variety of choices. Whether if you want to use the retina of your eyeball, your voice, smart phone, thumb print and dozens of other available choices. Consult with your local residential locksmith for more information.

Commercial business keys – Commercial businesses need added security because they are often the target of break ins. Businesses are known to have high dollar items on the premises and crooks would love to get their hands on the stuff if they can figure out how. For these reasons commercial businesses need to have installed the latest in locking technologies. And of course with these technologies comes innovations in commercial keys. My personal favorite key is the key fob. Yes, key fobs are more commonly found in the automotive sector, but key fobs are great on businesses too.

The lock and key industry is nothing like it used to be.

The lock and key business has evolved to almost be 3 separate industries. The commercial, residential and automotive market sectors. You need to hire the appropriate locksmith that can perfectly cater to your individual needs. One that is close by. And one that is professional. Not all locksmiths will be able to provide all 3 of these services. When hiring a local locksmith you will want to be sure that you specifically search for one who specializes exactly in the market sector that you are looking to hire services from. Some local locksmiths might tell you that they do indeed operate the type of service that you are requesting, meanwhile they are novices and will/could potentially damage your property. That could make a bad day of losing your car keys into a terrible day of scratched up paint and half assembled door panels. That’s a rough day!

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