Water Treatment Pumps

Water Treatment Pumps

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While pumping water may seem like an easy task, things become a bit tricky when it comes to pure water. Since pure water is non-lubricating, it presents a big problem for water pumps which use the media being pumped as a seal lubricant. That is why most of the pumps on the market used for water treatment applications, disinfection or high-pressure cleaning are seal-less. Pumping wastewater, however, is very different to pumping pure water. The fluid often contains long fibres and various abrasive solids. For water treatment, many different kinds of abrasive or aggressive chemicals are essential.

Wastewater and water treatment plants usually require continuous flow operations, with extra treatments needed at specific points of the process like sedimentation, chemical dosing, disposal of treated sludge, and vacuum filtration. In addition to these procedures, some water treatments have periodical operations that run once a day or once a week.
Professional waste treatment systems engineered by civil engineering contractors combine a number of processes that could either be:

Chemical – Coagulation and Chlorination

Physical – flotation and filtrationBiological – activated and aerobic sludge processes or a combination of the three Our wide range of pump system solutions allows us to offer you results that are just right for your processing or treatment facility. Industrial water pumps are designed to handle the pumping of wastewater through the different stages of treatment with reliability and high efficiency.

Applications include:

Sludge treatment

  • Stabilised sludge pumping
  • Dewatered sludge pumping
  • Pumping of primary sludge
  • Thickened sludge pumping
  • Tertiary sludge treatment
  • Secondary sludge pumping
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • pH correction
  • Odour control
  • Pumping of wastewater
  • Polymer determination

Flocculants Dosage – Feeding Filter Press

Application Areas Include:

Water Purification

Pumps are designed to handle a variety of applications like pumping wastewater through the different stages of purification. Highly reliable and efficient.

Industrial Wastewater

Residues and slurries are highly abrasive and corrosive and will require pumps that can handle the highly-viscous fluids. There’s a variety of options when it comes to industrial water pumps designed to handle difficult-to-pump media, are relatively cheap to operate, and require little maintenance.


Injection of lime is necessary when storing sludge. Industrial water pumps are very effective at dosing and pumping lime. These pump models deliver precise dosing, are leak-free and are environmentally-friendly.

Filter Press Feed

Imbalances of high and low pressures happen when a chamber filter press system fluid is injected. With an extended range of pumping accessories, industrial pumps guarantee controlled, trouble-free operation. Some types of industrial water pumps are suitable for the delivery of different media into the press system since it is self-regulating in relation to pressure build up from filters clogging, slowing down the rate of flow through the chamber.

Liquid Sludge

Most industrial water pumps are very compact units used to pump intense media like liquid sludge when dewatering and transferring floating material.


Thickening treatment requires pumps that are capable of transferring different viscous fluids. Industrial water pumps are suitable for transporting fibres, particles, and corrosive fluids while minimising energy consumption and adjusting with viscosity changes.

The Dosage of Polymers

When dosing liquid polymers to them into sludge during the dehydration and separation process requires very precise measurements at all treatment stages. Industrial water pumps the precise dose of the fluids without shear and at high PSI.

Activated Carbon and Lime Milk

Activated carbon or lime milk transfer is an essential step of wastewater treatment. For this, you will need a pump that is capable of performing the task. That is where peristaltic pumps come into the picture. These pumps are designed to provide the highest performance while leaving the smallest footprint. Maximum reliability, reduced maintenance costs and efficiency is all guaranteed when using an industrial water pump.

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