Usage of a Fan Heater

Usage of a Fan Heater

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Fan heater or as it is alternatively known as the electric convective fan heater are quite cheaper these days in the market. The basic function of this heater is that – it has a fan which passes air over a heated source in order to cool down. So, the difference between a regular fan and a fan heater lies in the fact that while a fan is used to cool down things at normal room temperature, a fan heater heats the source up. In comparison to normal heaters which functions without the fan, this works way faster. Keep reading to know more about them.

Benefits of using a fan heater

Since this type of heater is not yet known to many, most of the people are also unaware about its advantages. That is perhaps a reason why normal heaters are extensively used in some parts whereas this is not. However, with the quick advancement of technology, it is important for humans to keep up with the pace. Listed below are some of the major perks of using it:

Why are they better than regular heaters?

Whereas your regular heater takes a considerable time to heat the room up, this does it quite fast and the heat is stored for a considerable period of time as well.Another very significant thing is that – radiant heaters are generally directed towards warming up people and objects and therefore works well in small spaces. But, when it comes to convection heaters – they actually aim at heating up the spaces.Rated in watts or kilowatts – this device is one of the most cost effective ones currently available in the market. In fact, it does not even consume much of the electricity, therefore it is quite affordable.Again, while radiant heaters can take up quite some of your time to heat, convection heaters work really fast – thereby also saving your time.

Other features

Some of the electric fan heaters come along with auto regulator these days which does not even need your attention for checking the temperature. Along with this other features are:

  • This device is pretty easy to store anywhere and does not even take up much of the space, generally found in two versions – short and flat or tall and slender to choose from according to the buyer.
  • There is a thermostat inside the electric fan heater which allows the user to regulate the heat being produced by the fan – therefore, now you can control over how much heat you need in the room.
  • Besides having the feature of regulating the heat, you can even have a proper control over the fan speed which is not present in radiant heaters.
  • Many times, heaters need to be put somewhere else or over a carpet or mat. But if you talk about these user-friendly electric fans they can very well be managed on the ground itself.
  • Even distribution of heated air can be ensured because the fan circulates throughout the room quite well.
  • In case you had to make a hasty shift to somewhere, you can easily carry it along with you because they are light weight and portable and can be taken to anywhere without trouble.
  • Often heated air might make you feel congested or sultry. However, when it comes to this specific type, the air is undoubtedly cozy and warm.

Why the electric fan heater?

With all the above-mentioned benefits and astounding advantages, it is far better to use an electric fan heater rather than struggling with a heater without fans. It is a fine product judging from various aspects of daily usage, both in offices or homes – irrespective of the area being heated. Therefore, you can choose this product without any further doubt.

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