Tips you can employ to advance your kitchen for sale

Tips you can employ to advance your kitchen for sale

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Kitchens sell homes! One of the biggest factors in real estate is whether your kitchen is prepared for sale. Tim Manning, expert property developer, recommends that with just a small investment into renovating your kitchen you can boost the chances of selling your home exponentially. If you take the time and money to update your kitchen, your property won’t be on the market for long. Here are some tips you can employ to advance your kitchen for sale:

  • Considering the Wood Look

If it’s your floors that need updating, you should consider the installations of hardwood flooring into your kitchen. This will instantly increase the value of your home; the appeal of wooden flooring is wide. It’s easy to maintain, looks great and generally boosts the appearance of every room. This option is not particularly expensive either, you can find some great options by shopping around and comparing prices, remember this is an investment and whatever you spend, you are likely to get back upon sale.Image result for tips you can employ to advance your kitchen for sale

  • Paint your cabinets

Refresh your space with a fresh lick of paint on your kitchen cabinets. This is the first thing buyers will see when they enter your kitchen and by applying some well-chosen colours to these surfaces you can ensure that you make the best impression in your room. This is a fairly simple technique and on most occasions it can be done on your own. If you need help, consider watching some online tutorials for the best results.

  • Paint the walls

Similar to cabinets, walls can make a huge difference to the overall appeal of the kitchen. Well-chosen colours and textures can drastically change the look of your room. Be careful to make sure that you go with classic styles that are unlikely to age quickly or polarise buyers.

  • Lighting

Accessories can really modify a room. Lighting fixtures that are unique, modern and fit a room well will really update the aesthetic of your home. Accent lighting to highlight the best points in your home will make for a fantastic selling point. This is a fairly cheap way to really spice up your kitchen. Lighting is a really important part in creating a mood in any room, and you can use this for a selling point when you put your place on the market. It also can really help when staging or taking photos. Your real estate agent will thank you later!