Things to Consider When you Buy Pumps

Things to Consider When you Buy Pumps

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Not many people know about the inner workings of water management system. Hence, when they finally have to buy new irrigation supplies in Perth or replace the older ones, they often get confused by the complicated terminologies and options available in the market. Here are some crucial aspects an owner needs to consider about pumps before they purchase water pumps in Perth,

  • The type of pumps

The two major types of pumps are displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps. As name suggests, displacement pumps moves water by means of displacement. They used to move very thick liquids and are not usually used for irrigational purpose, unless fertilisers are added to the irrigation water. Nearly every irrigation pumps falls under the category of centrifugal pumps. It makes use of an impeller, to spin the water in a chamber and then the water is moved through the pump by the effect of the centrifugal force. There are a lot of centrifugal pumps such as end-suction centrifugal, submersible, turbine and jet pumps available in the market, select the right one that fits with your requirements well.

  • Pressure and flow

Calculate the pressure and flow needs in your irrigation system and buy your pumps accordingly. If you are getting a replacement pump, do not choose it based on the horsepower alone. Two pumps with the same horsepower can produce different force and pressure. If you cannot do the estimation on your own, contact a professional and get an accurate estimate.

  • Maintenance

You need to maintain your pump regularly if you want to increase its lifetime and avoid downtimes. If you happen to notice any change in noise, leakage or pressure/flow alterations, address those problems as soon as possible.

Some kinds of pumps are significantly easier to maintain than the others. Also, most pump manufacturers offer maintenance programs. Keep this in mind, before selecting pumps.

  • Spare parts availability

Distributors of irrigation supplies in Perth would have a collection of spare parts that might be needed for maintaining the pumps later on. The operation manuals include all the relevant details about the parts and their configuration. Also, most manufacturers offer technical support via phones, emails and YouTube videos.  You need to consider whether the spare parts are easily available and the level of technical assistance provided by the manufacturer before purchasing a pumping.

  • Portability

Sometimes, you need to use the pumps at more than one location. So, buy portable pump carts if they are more useful to your facility.

Also, you can always ask your dealers for help. Vendors who offer irrigation supplies in Perth know much better about the pumps than you do and would readily share their knowledge with you.


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