Stacked Stone: Natural Materials for Perfect Ledger Panels

Stacked Stone: Natural Materials for Perfect Ledger Panels

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Many homeowners love the idea of using natural stone to cover walls inside and outside the home but the massive cost involved usually deters many people. This is where stacked stone ledger panels come in – providing a way to achieve the look of natural stone with a much lower overall cost.

Stacked stone ledger panels are produced by taking a natural stone, such as marble, sandstone, slate, quartzite and travertine, and creating veneers of varying thicknesses. These can then be easily applied to walls to create a good range of designs, whether it’s covering the walls of an outside barbecue pit or dining area or for a unique finish for the walls of a bathroom.Image result for Stacked Stone: Natural Materials for Perfect Ledger Panels

The panels are usually produced in rectangles that differ in width, length, and thickness, and they are laid next to each other to create a three-dimensional look. The simplistic shapes of the panels also means that it’s easy to cut and shape stacked stone panels to any desired finish.

Installing stacked stone ledger panels is a simple process and the wide variety of stones that can be used means that panels can be made to fit almost any project imaginable.

For outside projects, marble is always a popular choice because of the classy image it projects. Marble has been around for many years and has a classic look that is hard to copy. If a house has a large outdoor fire pit or other feature, it can be given the perfect finish with a wall of stacked marble rectangular panels of varying sizes in a welcoming neutral mix of gray shades.

An outdoor bar or dining area can also be enhanced with the use of stacked stone ledger panels, perhaps to cover a wall behind this area. One great look is to use travertine panels in varying shades of cream for a brightly decorated spot that will look welcoming whatever the time of year.

Stacked stone panels are, of course, just as useful inside the house as well. Slate panels in shades of gray, gold, and brown can create a dramatic color mix that will make any living room look like a warm and rustic place to unwind, even if the home is in the middle of a city.

Or use a lighter color scheme with stacked stone panels made from quartzite, a rock formed from sandstone. A nice design with this material is to use panels of gold and white shades for an earthy appearance in colors neutral enough to pair with a wide range of furniture and fittings.

Stacked stone panels can also work nicely in the bathroom, with many designers opting for sandstone panels in slightly different shades of brown. This projects a mature, elegant image for a bathroom that is bound to impress anyone who uses it.

These are just some of the ways that stacked stone panels can be used to enhance a room whether it’s inside or outside. It’s an affordable, low-stress option for homeowners that want to beauty that comes from using natural stone but without the cost or hassle of using actual stone slabs.

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