Some common traits of successful Real Estate Developers

Some common traits of successful Real Estate Developers

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Finding a real estate developer can be an easy task. There are a lot of information and contact details to be found in the internet, however, finding the one developer who understands your vision and mission is difficult says Dean Kirkland, a real estate home building consultant.

Some traits of real estate developers:-

  1. Good relationships: A successful real estate developer must have a well-maintained public relationship and good terms with tenants, bankers, general contractors, attorneys, equity sources, architects, civil engineers, brokers, appraisers and others. A developer has to bring a prosperous team together to create a successful project and for achieving that goal good relationships are needed.

  1. Risk Tolerance: Development is no doubt a risky business and one who is interested in development, has to take calculated and measured risks, and they continuously look for various ways to alleviate risk.


  1. Creativity: Every development project usually starts with a concept, either for a particular use on a site or eyesight for what a community might demand. Real estate developers must be creative individuals who should always be looking ahead at the public demands; not only at present, but also for future. Successful developers should present their projects with unique and exciting designs, strong and attractive building materials and various cutting-edge construction methods.

  1. Skill for Negotiation: establishing a successful real estate project is not so much simple at all. A single structure associates various in-betweens with the zoning boards, developers, local government, and so many other third parties. So, a real estate developer must have the ability to negotiate for their desired terms.


  1. Problem Solving: for developing a fruitful project, a real estate developer will need immense skill to cross all the hurdles and roadblocks that come in their way says Dean Kirkland. Developers must know how to solve various problems like, finding solutions for zoning issues, creative site planning, handling the adjacent land owners and finding ways to come in both under budget and on time. They should always remember there is generally more than one solution to a problem and they have to find them skillfully.


      6. Care for the Customer: good real estate developers must have care for clients or customers. They will obviously market the desirability of                their product but will also have to be honest about what their customers may expect from the project. If there are delays in the process, then                    have to be prompt and candid in informing their clients. The must be always available for their customers.

  1. Decisiveness: The best real estate developers must know the fact that time equals money. They should always keep in their mind that unnecessary delays are to be averted at all costs, because a small delay can have catastrophic effects on the expected schedule and budget. Thus they must have decisiveness, or the ability to make quick decisions.

If you remain conscious and careful, and also take necessary steps in spite of completely depending upon them, they can be useful and helpful for you in finding your proper dreamland, where all your important memories will be stored.