Sand Blasting Delicate Surfaces

Sand Blasting Delicate Surfaces

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There are times when using sand to blast a surface could damage the substrate, while other, less invasive materials can produce the desired result with no risk of damage. Soda is one of the most popular materials for abrasive blasting, as it is light enough to be effective when blasted under high pressure, yet not enough to damage the surface. This is essential for many industries and with mobile abrasive blasting, even the most remote or tight area can be accessed, saving you hours of manual labour.

Soda Blasting

Soda, as a medium is ideal for many applications, which might include preparing auto body sheets for priming, or cleaning large panels before they are treated, and by using other materials as the medium, it is possible to blast just about anything. Your terrace might be looking a little jaded, but after an abrasive blast, it will look like it had just been laid. Soda blasting is available in Perth with many heavy industries based in Western Australia, and even homeowners can take advantage of the mobile service, should you wish to rejuvenate your driveway or maybe give the stone exterior a makeover.

Degreasing Properties

Soda blasting is ideal for degreasing heavy machinery, and is one of the most popular ways to clean and degrease many items, and there is no need to remove seals or bearings, as the process is thorough and will not damage anything. If, for example, you had an old car engine you wanted to recondition, a soda blast will leave all the surfaces clean and free of grease, ready for you to start work. You only have to think about how many man hours it would take to reach that level of cleanliness to see why abrasive blasting makes sense.

Bodywork Repairs

If, for example, you fancied having a go at respraying that old sports car, rather than spend a few weekends rubbing it down, mask it up and have the mobile soda blasting unit do its thing, and within a short time, you will have a clean, metal finish, ready for priming. The fine tuning of the abrasion process means using specific materials for the medium, and by doing that, one can blast plastics and other composites.

Compressed Air

The small beads of soda are fired with compressed air, making this a dry application, and with specialised nozzles, even the tightest of corners can be reached. Other attachments make it easy to sweep evenly over surfaces, such as sheeting or concrete floors, and with the right combination of jet and medium, most surfaces can in fact, benefit from abrasive blasting. If you have a surface you would like cleaned or degreased, and you are not sure if it can be done, contact a reliable company and they will soon tell you if sand blasting is appropriate.

Soda basting saves a lot of time and energy and with mobile units, you can treat areas that were previously out of bounds.

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