Queen vs. King: How to Choose the Best Mattress For Couples

Queen vs. King: How to Choose the Best Mattress For Couples

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When it comes to sharing a bed with your spouse or partner, there might be some arguments about the necessary size for your bed. Some couples would rather have a king size mattress to move freely across the mattress or to have extra space, while others want a queen bed for a smaller room.

Couples who are obviously of different weights or have distinct sleeping preference must be aware of mattresses that enable personalization on each side of the bed. They should make sure their relationship won’t go south just because they don’t agree to do thorough research into what mattress they must get.

There are a few things to consider when spousal preferences conflict over bed types. Here is a list of questions you need to ask yourself and your spouse to solve the issue about mattress choice.

What is your budget?pipe

King size mattresses come with a whopping price tag compared to queen size ones. Have a conversation with your better half and decide with a budget that will satisfy you both. If you have problems when it comes to deciding how much to spend, there are some mattress buying tips for creating a budget.

How big or small is your bedroom?

It is one of the questions you must answer to come up with which size to choose. Have a look at the space of the bedroom that you have and check if there is enough room to fit the bed size that you want.

A queen mattress’ dimensions are approximately sixty inches by eighty inches while a King mattress’ dimensions are seventy-six inches by eighty inches. Use a tape measure to imagine the measurements in your bedroom while considering any other furniture that you have.

What positions do you and your partner sleep?pipe

If you or your spouse usually sprawl out in bed, letting the other one fight for space, you might consider a king bed. While queen beds provide an appropriate amount of space for two persons, a Sealy king single mattress will allow the both of you to have a lot of wiggle space. Discuss it with your partner and evaluate how much space will make the both of you satisfied.

One of the most crucial things in choosing a mattress is to make sure that there is no partner disruption. In short, when someone moves, the other person must not feel it. If the mattress transfers movement from your spouse, you will surely be up for a restless night

Do you anticipate any future changes?

If you and your partner decide to buy a larger house or to downsize in the future, that is something you need to consider too. We know it is hard to foresee the future, but by looking forward to possible situations, the both of you can choose a mattress that will suit all your needs currently and whenever you plan to move.

Another consideration to think about is if you decide to have more children. If you predict that you will have a growing family in the future, you may want to consider a larger mattress. After all, it is much better to have more space than not enough.

Will you sleep in the bed with pets or children?pipe

If you are a younger couple that has no children yet, this could be harder to answer because you still don’t have any idea of what the future holds. Plans of having children or pets in the future could be a factor to consider.

If you and your partner have children already, do they often join you at night after having a nightmare? Anticipate all the possible situations with your partner and plan if you think getting a king size mattress will be enough room for any visitors, or a queen size will be sufficient.


If you are still having a difficult time sorting out things with your partner on which size of a mattress you should be getting, you could also check out some guides to have the best choice. Make a list considering the advantages and disadvantages of both sizes and talk over with your partner.

Be honest with your spouse on your preferences and needs, but always prepare to compromise, if necessary. It is also essential to shop for a mattress together just to make sure that both persons are satisfied with the pick. 

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