Preventing Septic Buildup

Preventing Septic Buildup

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Septic systems treat wastewater underground. They are vital to the larger plumbing system of a home. Like any system, septic tanks require proper maintenance from time-to-time. If I needed my septic tank looked at, I would find septic tank pumping near me.

Household Deposits

Human waste, cooking fats, coffee grounds, disposable tissues — these are the types of solids that can be found in septic tanks. Two of these examples are alright to be run through a septic system. The other two are not.

One of the primary reasons septic systems exist is to take care of human waste. To know what is good to run through a septic system one must first know what a septic system is used for. The primary purpose of a septic system is to treat household wastewater locally. Without a septic system, waste would run directly into streams and other waterways. These streams would quickly become destroyed due to the amount of sewage that would build up.

Disposable tissues are another of the solids that can be put through a septic system. These are toilet paper and other types of flushable wipes. The other two examples are not supposed to be run through a septic system. Cooking fats and coffee grounds have difficulty breaking down. Because of this, oils, coffee grounds, and other types of household chemicals should not be flushed down a drain or toilet.

Septic Breakdown

A septic system uses bacteria to break down solids. The inside is a septic tank is layered with solids and liquids. At the bottom, one can find most heavier solids. Oils and other greases can be found at the top. This is called scum. The middle is composed of a mix of dirty water and very small particles of waste that are still being broken down.

When to Pump

Over time, sludge and scum build up in a septic system. When this happens, bacteria take longer to break down waste. Eventually, a septic system can fail if there are too much sludge and scum present.

To extend the life of a septic system the owner can do two things: pump the tank regularly and use the system properly. Septic tanks generally need to be pumped once every one to three years. An expert maintenance technician will be able to advise how often yours needs to be pumped.

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