Matching Shutters & Wooden Floors – Get the New England look and feel in the City Centre

Matching Shutters & Wooden Floors – Get the New England look and feel in the City Centre

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Shutters have become one of the must-have window coverings of recent years, offering a sophisticated style that enhances the overall aesthetic of any room. Not only that, but they provide homeowners with a great form of light control due to the adjustable slats and can offer additional protection for your windows.

With a variety of shutter styles to choose from, there are many different styles and looks that can be achieved through this type window cover. Of course, the overall décor of the room will impact the final look, especially when you consider the many designs available when combining with furniture, curtains, and additional décor.

However, one of the most important design aspects to consider when installing shutters into a room is the floor. Shutters are almost always made from wooden materials, so whenever paired alongside wooden floors, you can achieve the much desired ‘New England’ look.

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What is the New England Look?

The New England look is a popular style of interior design inspired by homes located in the New England region of the United States. The area is home to some truly beautiful coastal and rural locations, which has a large influence on this overall style.

There are many characteristics of this style which can be easily replicated in homes anywhere in the world, with some of the most common including natural woods (due to the high availability of wood in the region), natural colour palates, and a strong emphasis on nature in general.

As a result, natural wooden floors and shutters can be used as a simple yet effective way to implement the New England look – even right here in the city centre!

Tips for Matching Shutters with Wooden Floors

White Works Well

Now, when we mention matching shutters with floors, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to match two colours to achieve the desired look. For instance, classic white is one of the go-to shutter colours, offering a bright and airy feel to a room, even if the wooden floors feature a natural colour to them.

White works so well for the New England look because it replicates the ambience found in the beach houses found throughout the coastal region. It really allows you to achieve the quintessential New England style without too much effort, immediately evoking the charm and atmosphere of a gorgeous beach house- combine with other bright tones and minimal décor to really emphasise the style!

Match Stain Colours with Your Wooden Floor

Should the strong presence of white create too much brightness for your personal preference, then be sure to consider shutters with a stained finish. Stains help to highlight the natural grains of the wood on the shutter, paring wonderfully with wooden floors – providing you match the stain colour!

For instance, you will always want to pair light stained wood shutters if your wooden floor is a lighter tone, while doing the same with darker stains and darker floors. Again, this is a simple but effective way to use natural woods to achieve a New England style in any room.

Consider furniture

For those going for the natural wood look, be sure to consider the type of furniture you will be using. This is especially true for anyone with wooden furniture, as you will want to avoid having all your wood looking identical.

So, should you have light stained shutters with light wooden floors, then you may want to utilise darker wood furniture to really add a contrast that highlights the variety of natural wood on display. Again, minimal décor with natural colour palates will help to complete the look!


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