Maintain the efficiency of your HVAC with Connect’s commercial HVAC inspection

Maintain the efficiency of your HVAC with Connect’s commercial HVAC inspection

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The world as we know it is becoming hotter compared to the previous decades, making everyone a little frustrated with the heat, particularly in summer. It is a good thing that air conditioning systems were invented, making every home a cozy, comfortable and cool, despite the scorching heat of the sun outside. Most ACs or air conditioning systems are sold all over the world, and ever since it was invented, it has given every home the comforts of a cooler and cozy home, without worrying about how hot the weather outside. However, air conditioning systems need maintenance, particularly those homes that are using HVAC to make their homes cooler, in which Connect Building Services, offers the best HVAC inspection and maintenance at a low price. In this article, we will tackle Connect’s commercial HVAC inspection checklist to be more informed about their services.

Connect Building Services

The company offers their expert and professional services in handling plumbing, electrical and even HVAC installation, assistance and maintenance. They are specialized in household maintenance and even provide professional approach through conversation, project design, as well as completion.

Connect Building Services provides their wide range categories of services, one of these includes their commercial HVAC inspection and maintenance. Commercial HVAC unit is made out of both air conditioning system and a furnace, HVAC units requires inspection and maintenance to fulfill its efficiency, Connect advises every HVAC unit owners to have their units checked and maintained to achieve a longer lasting HVAC unit performance.

However, maintaining a commercial HVAC unit is not an easy task, as a commercial HVAC unit is composed of both air conditioning unit and a furnace, in which these two requires meticulous inspection and maintenance. Connect Building Services offers their professional advice in maintaining each component of a commercial HVAC unit, giving each HVAC unit owner a thorough explanation on how to maintain their unit.

Connect Building Services offers the basic commercial air conditioner maintenance which requires changing all the filters of the AC, inspecting the condition of the AC fan, inspection of rubber belts and hose for damages. This is followed by checking the drain lines and pans; as well as lubricating all moving parts and inspecting the unit’s electrical elements for proper connections and damages.

Maintaining a commercial furnace also requires cleaning and inspecting its filters to ensure that there is no buildup of dust and debris. This is followed by inspecting the heat exchange for possible damage, as well as all hoses and belts and electrical connections. In addition, owners should also make sure that the burner assembly is functioning well, particularly the ignition system.


These maintenance tips are just the basics and are considered as a minimal thing in maintaining your commercial HVAC unit. IF you are not sure about maintaining your commercial HVAC unit, you can ask Connect Building Services for an expert and professional approach, in maintaining, inspecting and making your commercial HVAC unit last longer, with the help of their commercial HVAC inspection checklist.

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