Know More About cleaning block paving driveway

Know More About cleaning block paving driveway

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Brick or block paved patios and driveway companies in Peterborough are renowned for producing extremely attractive drives but the job doesn’t stop there. The block paving is incredibly durable, decorative, and functional. Another major plus for block paving is that it will often add value to the home but it’s vital it continues to look nice and clean and this is where things often get neglected. Bricks and blocks retain their natural beauty longer than most other building materials, but sadly they are not maintenance free and usually need a run-of-the-mill clean if you want to preserve their good looks and make them safer for walking on. If you do not clean your brick or block patio regularly it will soon start to show indications of neglect. As we get a significantly reasonable amount of rain in the United Kingdom, you will also end up having quite a bit of mould and moss build up on the surface. Once an outdoor surface becomes covered in this particular slimy mould it can become lethal to walk on and is the reason for many accidents.

Cleaning a block or Brick paved patio

Cleaning isn’t difficult especially if you’ve had the driveway or patio coated with decent quality masonry. Because bricks and blocks are porous, blocks or slabs that have not been sealed will need to have far a bit more effort put in to clean. Oil spills, creosote, paint and even potting compost can stain an unsealed surface and very difficult marks to shift.

Jet washing your patio or driveway

Jet washing is probably the most common way of cleaning away any surface contaminants from your patio or driveway. Sometimes a perfectly good result can be carried out by simply sheer pressure from the jet of water alone. Only the toughest of stains need soaking by form of detergent prior to blasting with a great quality jet wash. If you don’t own a pressure washer then you can hire one from a local hire outlet, after all, you may only need to use it once or twice a current year. The moss, mould and mildew stains are no match for that sheer power of a jet always rinse. Just work methodically and evenly over your brick or block patio or driveway.

Scrubbing your patio or driveway

If you don’t have access to a jet wash but do have stubborn stains on your patio or driveway, scrubbing with patio decking scrubber frequently is your best bet. Just mix three capfuls to one bucket solution of bleach and hot water, and scrub hard.Once you have shifted most of the stains make sure you thoroughly rinse the brick or blocks with lots of clean water as any residual bleach can be harmful to animals. Don’t forget that bleach will ruin your clothes if it gets about them too so always wear clothes you aren’t worried about getting damaged.

If you’re going to be cleaning your drive regularly, why not try a milder cleaning solution such as borax. Mix one tablespoon of a borax substitute along with a gallon of warm tap water. This method is far better for the environment than bleach and the solution still has a mild bleaching effect as it converts small amounts of water into Hydrogen Bleach. You can also create a mild solution that consists of one part vinegar to fifteen parts water. Pour the solution on the brick, let it penetrate for a short while and then scrub with a stiff wire brush. Rinse with clean water and repeat if advisable. Make sure your rinsing water is generally clean to avoid dirty water streaks about your patio.

Sweeping your patio or driveway

Sweeping your patio or driveway is a good way of preventing leaves and also other debris from building up and encouraging mould and slime. Make use of a deck scrubber as they have very short and stiff bristles to clean the cracks and corners of the blocks. Regular sweeping, as part of an ongoing cleaning and maintenance regime, will also highlight any damage or premature wear to your bricks or blocks before it gets too far gone to repair.

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