Is it Worth Using a Specialist Repair Firm?

Is it Worth Using a Specialist Repair Firm?

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Whether you need an LG appliance repair or a Bosch you will need to consider whether it is worth using a manufacturer approved repair firm or one which specializes in your product.  The alternative is one which offers general repairs.  There are a variety of factors which will affect your decision on which is the right choice; you will need to consider the following points:

Firms Available

The first factor to consider must be what firms are operating within your local area.  The closer the firm is the faster the potential response time.  For example, if you are in the Toronto area you will wish to contact e Day Appliance Repair; this firm is well established and has built up a good reputation.  They offer repairs on a wide range of products including LG appliance repairs.  Although they are not linked directly to the manufacturer they have acquired specialist knowledge in a wide range of products, including LG’s and are close enough o offer a same day repair service to anyone living in the Toronto area!

Age of Machine

The age of your machine will play a part in your decision.  Most machines arrive with a one year warranty although some may have as much as three years.  If you are still within your warranty period you will almost certainly need to contact the manufacturer to verify the right place to have your machine repaired without invalidating your warranty.

However, once your machine has passed its warranty stage it can be repaired by anyone.  Using a reputable LG appliance repair firm will ensure cheaper costs, potentially faster service and you can still have genuine LG parts fitted.

Speed of Repair

Another important factor when considering a repair is the speed at which the repair person will be able to get to you.  Most appliances in the home are needed on a daily basis and the faster the response the happier you will be.  This can be a big part of your decision, especially if it is a vital piece of equipment needing repair.  You will probably need to contact the manufacturer approved repair firm, an LG appliance repair specialist and a general repair firm to see who can get to you first!


It is essential to check the reputation of the firm you are intending to use before you do so.  A fast response is not worthwhile if you then find your machine breaks down again and again.  In general the manufacturer and a specialist dealer will need to conform to the same standards and you can lodge a formal complaint with the manufacturer if the LG appliance repair firm is not offering the right level of service.  This generally ensures that the level of service provided is high, although it can also be considered as less personal.

Reputations can easily be checked by looking at social media sites and speaking to people you know who have used the firm you are considering for your LG appliance repair; this will provide genuine feedback and make your decision much easier.