Installing an Electric Car Charging Point

Installing an Electric Car Charging Point

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In the UK, as is the case in many other developed nations across the world, electric cars, or vehicles not run on fossil fuels, are fast becoming the popular method of choice for many on-road commuters and drivers.

Driving an electric vehicle has become the “green” thing to do and those owning such a vehicle can protect themselves from spiralling costs of diesel or petrol and be kinder to the environment at the same time.

However, unlike conventional vehicles – which need only to refuel at a petrol station every 150 miles clocked, or so – the electric vehicle requires a charging point.

In the same way we have to charge devices like our mobile phones, fitness watches or tablets, an electric car also requires a charge as it sits idle overnight. However, a conventional plug socket simply won’t do and a specific charging point for your electric car is required.

Let us be clear about this – the installation of a home charging point does not come cheap. In fact it will cost around £1000 but you can claim £500 off this installation fee with a free grant from the Energy Saving Trust Office for Low Emissions Department.

Moreover, this fee need not be paid up front by you and then claimed back, as the £500 is paid directly to the supplier (of your charging point) and your only outlay is the initial £500. At present, the grants are only available in Scotland but there are plans to offer such discounts to England and Wales soon.

There are around seven main suppliers of charging points in the UK and contact details can be found here.

So, you need to decide which supplier to come and fit your electric charge point at your home, get them to give you a quote, let the Office for Low Emissions know before any work is actually carried out, get its approval and wait for the £500 grant to be given to the supplier. Once this has taken place you can arrange with the supplier the fixing and installation dates and times.

What Will My Supplier Actually Do?

An electric car charging point will be installed within one day and include a 32 amp charge point and any other additional costs for its installation. You will have been issued these within your quotation paperwork. A supplier will also recommend the best position for your charger within the boundary of your home.

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