Information About the Different Kitchen Furniture Styles for Establishing an Appealing Theme

Information About the Different Kitchen Furniture Styles for Establishing an Appealing Theme

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Kitchen design styles are classified under traditional, modern, retro, contemporary, and cottage. Besides cabinet, the tables and chairs play a major role in establishing an appealing theme. Thus, homeowners get plenty of options to select their Köögimööbel (kitchen furniture) from. Each option carries its personal distinctive feature.

Traditional style – Practical & unadorned

  • Cabinets are designed or framed with flush inset.
  • Hinges in silver, bronze, or brass finish are visible.
  • Sometimes glazed finish feature is give to convey age and distressed appearance.
  • Baker’s racks and hutches are made from wood instead of metal featuring the similar style cabinetry.

In traditional kitchen, ornamentation is not crucial. It emits lived in sensation.

Modern style – Sleek & minimal

  • Shiny appliances and sleek surface are the essence of modern style kitchen décor.
  • Simple hardware like linear and tubular style pulls are used in the cabinets.
  • Tables and chairs are not too flashy but include stark clean lines.
  • Island with wood-grained or marble top serve the functional purpose and even suits the style.

Modern style kitchen includes few bold accents in terms of ornamentation. There are no intricate details. Décor is minimal because it includes solid geometric shapes. There is nothing frilly or patterned associated with towels, placemats, and curtains.

Contemporary style – Colorful & cohesive

  • Cabinets are frameless without any visible hinges.
  • Kitchen furniture is designed from blends of materials like wood, granite, ceramic, and stone.
  • Large furniture pieces like hutches and kitchen tables are in contrast, so as to accentuate the room décor.
  • Small spaces will look large due to relatively flat surfaces.
  • Incorporates natural and synthetic materials like natural stone and wood veneer to add warmth.

Modern and contemporary are both different. They are mistaken to be interchangeable. The main difference is that contemporary furniture allows ornamentation. Colorful black-splashes along with trendy decors are used in contemporary kitchen.

Retro style – Branded & character

  • Retro furniture replicates to styles past several decades ago.
  • Homeowners get to opt from vintage inspired designs and genuine vintage pieces.
  • Buyers can interpret the 1950’s or 1060’s kitchen style.

Retro kitchen style comprises of décor and furniture that mimics a nostalgic theme like Betty Boop, Mickey Mouse or a Coca Cola kitchen. Cabinet color, flooring, and appliances reflect the theme. In addition, you can select, dish towels, wall clock, and storage containers, which imitate the décor theme.

Cottage style – Soft & soothing

  • Cottage style tends to be feminine in appearance.
  • It displays a welcome and relaxed setting.
  • Country farmhouses include apron styled white sink, which adds country charm.
  • Tables include earthy wooden tones or painted white for matching the cabinetry.
  • Cabinets preferred are open-styled.
  • Bead-board paneling is used for creating an architectural friendly effect.

The color scheme of cottage kitchen is soft and soothing. Light colors like taupe, ivory, light blue and khaki are used to décor the room. It interprets a simple and careless lifestyle.

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