Important Information about Installing Glass Splashbacks

Important Information about Installing Glass Splashbacks

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The walls of the kitchen tend to get dirty very quickly, and often need to be cleaned on a regular basis. It is one of the reasons why most people have tiles extending all the way up to the cabinets in their kitchen, mainly because it is difficult to remove stains from a painted wall. As you know, removing stains from a tiled wall is obviously much easier and takes considerably less time. However, tiles on the wall often diminish the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen. If you are looking to protect the walls of the kitchen without compromising the décor, you should consider installing glass splashbacks.

Glass splashbacks can be installed on the walls of the kitchen, especially near the kitchen sink or around a stove or cook top. Most types of glass splashbacks are priced per square metre, and the costs increase slightly depending on any cut-outs that need to be made for electrical sockets or switches. These splashbacks are available in two different styles; standard coloured glass or painted float glass. The company can help you choose a compatible colour scheme based on the paint job in the kitchen.

Initial Consultation

When you first contact a company for installing glass splashbacks, they will ask you about the paint in the kitchen. They will show you a complete colour chart from which you can select the paint for the kitchen walls, and they will help you select a corresponding colour. Keep in mind that float glass, which is the standard type of glass used for making glass splashbacks in Perth, has a much higher iron content, which gives the glass a greenish tinge. On the other hand, Starphire glass, which is manufactured without the use of iron, is completely clear but also a bit more expensive than float glass. When you contact a company for glass splashbacks, they will help you choose the best type of glass for the splashbacks.


Glass splashbacks are exact-to-measure depending on the space required in the kitchen. The company will send a technician to your place to take the exact measurements of the space on the walls. The splashbacks will be cut accordingly, and then installed. The contrasting colours will give your kitchen a unique look.

A Complete Package

Most of the companies that offer installation of glass splashbacks usually provide a complete service package to their customers. These glass splashbacks are incredibly durable and look quite stylish, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their home. All in all, installing glass splashbacks in your kitchen is a fantastic idea for people who want to protect the walls of their kitchen, and make it look stylish and unique.