How to Get A Precise Moving Estimate

How to Get A Precise Moving Estimate

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Residential moves can be overwhelming. There’s so much to handle – time management, paperwork, packing, heavy lifting, unpacking. Though, some of that weight can be alleviated by hiring professional movers for the job. Professional moving companies with a good reputation, like North Miami Beach movers, can make your life easier during the process. So, you decide that hiring professionals is the best option for you. But you begin to wonder – how much will this cost me? How to get a precise moving estimate?

There’s a number of factors that influence the price of a move. If you take these factors into consideration, you can come up with somewhat of a precise moving estimate by yourself. We break them down for you.

How to get a precise moving estimate for a local move?

If you are moving no more than 50 miles away from your current home, your move is considered a local one. In that case, the most important factor that determines the price is time. Movers calculate the price of a local move according to time needed to complete the move. More precisely – from the moment they get to your current location until they unpack you at your new location. Time and manpower are what sets the local moving price. You will be charged per mover per hour. Depending on where you live, the price of one mover per hour can be anywhere between 30 and 80 dollars. The formula to calculate a moving estimate for a local move is: NUMBER OF MOVERS X NUMBER OF HOURS X HOURLY RATE.

This wouldn’t be too precise of an estimate, if this is your first move and you can’t tell how long would it take. If you are experienced in moving houses, then you will be able to estimate the time necessary. You should also add the so-called travel fee. Travel fee is charged for the time needed to get from the moving company’s headquarters to your fist location.

There’s another factor that can affect your final price of the move – moving supplies. If you can get them on yourown, there won’t be additional charges. You can get free moving boxes in Miami on a couple of locations, for instance. But if you leave this task up to the movers, they will include it in the final bill.

As you can see, you can roughly estimate the price of your local move. But, it definitely won’t be a precise moving estimate. To get a truly precise moving estimate, moving companies use moving quote calculator software. This software allows customers to input their specific moving info, and a precise moving estimate is calculated instantly.

Put in all the special items, like antique furniture, into the moving quote calculator to get a precise moving estimate.

How to get a precise moving estimate for a long-distance move?

If you are relocating further than 50 miles, your move will be treated as a long-distance one. Price of a long-distance move is determined by the distance between your old and new home, as well as by the weight of your shipment. You can simply use Google maps to calculate how far apart are the two locations. That’s the easy part! The difficult part of this estimate is guessing how much your stuff weighs. Previous experience in moving will come in handy again, but it’s virtually impossible to guess the exact weight of all of your belongings in the house.

What you need to do at this stage is to look up moving companies online and find a few that you deem reputable. Make a call and set up an in-house estimate. A moving professional will make a home visit during which he’ll see how much furniture and other belongings do you have. He’ll give you an estimate of the weight. Based on that, moving companies will send you their estimates of the moving price. You should compare them and choose the company you’re the most comfortable with.

Think about mileage and weight when estimating the price of a long-distance move.

Yet, keep in mind that those estimates don’t always turn out to be exactly true. On the moving day moving truck is weighed while empty. After that your things get loaded and then the truck is weighed again. Based on that weighing you will be charged. The formula for calculating the price of a long-distance move is: DISTANCE X WEIGHT OF THE LOAD X RATE PER POUND PER MILE.

Extra services

The aforementioned is basic information on how movers calculate the price of each specific move. But, you should keep in mind that these refer only to basic services. There’s a number of extra services that movers offer their clients that affect pricing:

  • Moving supplies – Anything from boxes, bubble wrap, scotch tape, hangers, carpet protection etc.
  • Moving of specialty items– If you have any delicate furniture, paintings, antiques or plants that require air conditioning. Unusually heavy and hard to move objects also fall into this category. So, if you have a hot tub, a piano, a safe or a pool table you should show it to the moving professional during your in-house visit. Discuss upfront how much would it cost to move them.
  • Moving your belonging up the stairs – If your current or new home doesn’t have a working elevator on the day of your move, you’ll be facing an extra fee to pay. When movers are forced to carry your belongings up the stairs, they charge it. Talk about this fee with your movers to get a truly precise moving estimate.
  • Lowering or hoisting– This fee is charged in case your bulky furniture doesn’t fit through a door or a staircase and it needs to be lowered or brought up using special equipment and through a window.
  • Long carry – If either of your residences is inaccessible to a moving truck and the moving crew has to carry your belongings further than 50 feet, this will be reflected in your bill.

You should mention stairs when discussing the price with movers.

As you can see there are many factors that affect the price of a move. To get a precise moving estimate it’s best to contact moving companies or use online moving price calculator.