Guide to electrical software for electricians

Guide to electrical software for electricians

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When the technology of electric power supply were introduced at the end of the nineteenth century, the world became truly modern and the body of knowledge in applied electricity eventually became known as electrical engineering. This part of engineering includes many different fields like electronics, telecommunications, power generation, computers and integrated circuits. With electrical consumption on the rise to meet the requirements of industrial equipment and millions of home appliances like radios, television sets, refrigerators and many others, the importance of electric power generation and distribution havesurged to great heights placing the career of electrical engineers at the highest level of importance.

Modern day electricians and electrical engineers will not be surprised that computer software have replaced many old gadgets like the slide rule and other gadgets, since computers have been around for some time now. What will surprise them is the electrical software that is available to make electrical engineering calculations easier and faster. They will wonder at computer software products that contain programs designed to instantly work on engineering applications like power management, ground grid design, transformer operations, power quality assessments, and data exchange which usually takes long hours of tedious work to set-up.The impact of electrical software on the work of electrical engineers is phenomenal because the different calculation work that takes a team of workers to accomplish can be done faster and more efficiently by an engineer.

Using Electrical Software

Using an electrical software is guaranteed to increase your effectiveness as an electrician, a consultant or an engineer. The electrical software come in handy for commercial and residential usage. Let’s take a look at some reasons for using an electrical software for electricians.Using the electrical software saves you a lot of time that would be otherwise spent in electrical calculations. With an easy and simple user interface, anyone can make use of the software to carry out electrical calculations and designs. The electrical software is fully compatible with virtually all operating systems out there. The software can easily be installed on Windows phone, iPad, Android and iPhone. You can leverage the beta version of the electrical software since it is basically free. The compatibility with BS 7671 is important in electrical calculations and the electrical software provides that support.

The features of the software

The electrical software has a lot of features that has been integrated to help you carry out basic and advanced electrical calculations. The volt drop calculator is essential for when you need to know the exact voltage that is passing through a cable. After installing the software on your device, you can easily select your options from the drop down and scrollable lists to make your selection of protective devices, volt drop %, adiabatic equation options. The Amps, Watts and Volts calculators saves you a lot of time. Other important features of the software includes the main earthing size calculator, single and three phase electrical calculations, cable ratings charts, etc. You can basically check out more features of the electrical software at

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