Ensuring Safety with Your Personal Protective Equipment

Ensuring Safety with Your Personal Protective Equipment

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Have you ever thought of being vulnerable to hazards present in areas that we do not expect to occur? Well, let me tell you this. Hazard is everywhere. The risk of being hurt or dying increases as you make yourself more open or simply lacking protection. Protecting one’s self-doesn’t mean carrying charms or even carrying dangerous equipment that can harm others, but the protection that I am referring to is the protection from your surroundings. Our eyes can be prone to dust and tiny objects as the wind pass by and with that, we can experience irritations and even pain from those things that might get inside our eyes. As human beings, we greatly depend on our senses. We use our senses to survive and live another day. Unlike the Stone Age, people nowadays are more vulnerable to things surrounding them. One can get into an accident by not being cautious while walking or doing the job.

With all of these things that surround us, everything is considered a hazard. Danger can always result from our lack of protection and we don’t want to experience any painful injuries that can result in greater damage to ourselves. Having our own personal protective equipment ensures our safety at work. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is mandated by the State to be worn when working such as doing construction jobs, metal works, and even firefighting. But for sure you are curious where and why we use PPE instead of ordinary clothes and tools. Well, let me answer your doubts with these points.

  • Having your personal protective equipment can save you from the possible hazards and threats that can be lurking anywhere. From clothing to shoes, every person who risks their lives in a work is required to wear one.
  • PPEs can be used for the eyes (goggles, face shields, radnor safety glasses and visors), head and neck (hard hat and bump caps), ears (earplugs and earmuffs), hands and arms (gloves and gauntlets), and feet and legs (safety boots). All of these protect you from the danger that surrounds you.

Construction jobs require most of these protections in order to ensure safety to people. Without these things, people are vulnerable to injuries and death. Wearing one won’t hurt you instead it will protect you from tiny objects that may damage your eyes to large objects that may cause severe damage to your body.

PPEs are all about protection and this is the kind of protection that you want yourself to have as you venture around different places. Aside from that, wearing your personal protective equipment can protect you from chemical or metal splash, gas or vapor, noise, abrasions, burns, cuts, electrical shock, biological agents, electrostatic build-up, cold weather, and even protect you from slipping and bumping your head. But know that the danger is not only limited to what I’ve mentioned. It is important to do your research and supplement yourself with the proper PPE that you need to wear rather than buying PPE that does not suit the situation.

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