Electric Pressure Washers Maintenance Tips

Electric Pressure Washers Maintenance Tips

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Electric pressure washers are durable and highly adequate to use. Though popular for being a maintenance-free working machine, you still need to take proper care of it. Some simple primp will see that your pressure cleanser is always in good shape whenever called upon to work.

#1: Turn Off After Use

After each use, make sure you turn off the machine and unplug it from the power outlet. Also, turn off the spigot or simply cut off the water source.

Then try to dry off all the water inside the gun. Squeeze the trigger to make sure no water is remaining inside. Do not make the mistake of using the pressure washer without constant flowing water. This is why you should always disconnect the washer from where the water is coming and disconnect the garden hose from the spigot immediately after using the pressure washer. Make sure this is done last.

#2: Clean all forms of detergent

Unfix the detergent tank from the machine and completely flush out all forms of detergent that might remain in the tank. Make sure the water that runs out is crystal clear. Do this to prevent clogging in the detergent tank as residue from detergent could cause build-ups.

#3: Detach the Hose

Now, it’s time to disassociate the high-pressure hose that connects the spray gun to the pressure washer. Start with disengaging the gun from the hose and place it in its place on the washer. After that unhook the other end of the hose, so nothing is attached to the hose.

#4: Uncouple Components and flush out the soap

Flush out the remaining detergent, but before doing that, make sure you remove the lance from the gun. After that place the lance and the gun in their corresponding places on the washer. To save some soap for later use, pour the remaining soup into the soap junk, if there are any left. And make sure you completely wash and rinse the detergent tank to keep it in good shape. Hold the nozzle and rinse with clean water to prevent any form of blockade inside. But if it has been left too cold, you can opt for warm water which will help fluidify any build up in it.

After taking time to put to order your pressure washer, make sure you don’t leave it out in the cold. Keep it warm.  For great maintenance and repairs for pressure washers, Unimanix offers great services.


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