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Sewer Line or Septic Problems that Need the Attention of a Drain Service Professional

There are few things whose function is taken more for granted than your bathroom sewer and septic lines. They are used for everything from taking showers and baths to helping make the process of getting rid of bodily waste more sanitary. You may take them for granted most of the time but that will quickly change if you find yourself without them because they are giving you problems. Here are some common sewer and septic problems and how to remedy them yourself or have a professional drain service do it for you.

Drain service Sewer and Septic Drain Common Issues

Sewer and septic drain issues are usually something that tends to give you some warning before Dewelsh Plumbing they become extremely problematic. You can try to fix these issues yourself but these are normally not things that you can resolve on your own, often times they will need to be handled by a professional drain service.

Sewer and septic drain line repairs often require digging, specialized equipment and protective gear because of their nature and the hazardous nature of working with human waste too. These things should be highly considered before deciding not to call a professional drain service and tackle the problem head on yourself.

Murky water backing up into your shower, bath or toilet after a heavy rain

This most likely will indicate that you don’t have so much a drain issue as that you have a backflow issue. The water is backing up into your home as septic and sewers become full from rain water. A professional drain service should be called to come out to your home and install a flapper valve on the drain line to easily remedy this situation.

Solid matter backing up into a shower or tub

If you start to see gritty or other solid type of material backing up into your toilet, bathtub or shower; then this means your sewer or septic line needs to be cleaned out thoroughly to get rid of the problem. This is not only a huge inconvenience but can also create a serious health hazard to you and your family too. It’s definitely not something you want to linger for any extended period of time for sure. A professional drain service crew will know how to easily remedy this type of situation.

Gurgling Sound and Bubbles Coming up in the Toilet

If there is a gurgling noise coming from your toilet bowl it most likely is a warning sign that a bigger sewer line problem lies ahead. If you are experiencing hearing this noise and/or seeing bubbles coming up in your toilet too, then it is time for you to call a drain service company to come out and do an inspection for you. It is best to catch a sewer or septic line in its infancy before it becomes a major problem and major expense.

As was mentioned, sewer and septic lines problems should not be let go for long periods of time. If you are experiencing these types of problems, then at the very least have a drain service professional come out to your house and give you an estimate to fix the problem.

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