Curtains Vs Blinds: the Ultimate Interior Design Battle

Curtains Vs Blinds: the Ultimate Interior Design Battle

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Ok, so maybe this is not so important a decision as many others you will face in terms of Store Urbain home furnishings, but it is certainly one that you should pay some attention to.  Indeed, it is actually very important to learn the difference between these two (and other types of window dressings) as they all have different benefits.

The PROS of Curtains

There are three basic benefits that might make you prefer curtains over blinds:

  • elegance
  • efficacy
  • efficiency

That probably sounds pretty vague so let’s go through them a little more closely.  Curtains have a more elegant appearance than the parallel aspect of blinds—some are vertical, some are horizontal.  You can pull curtains back, giving shape to your windows and to the way that light enters the room.  In addition, curtains consist of continuous fabric, so they are very good at blocking light that you don’t want to enter—and, all in all, that makes them quite energy efficient.

The CONS of Curtains

Similarly, there are three basic reasons that you might not want to choose curtains:

  • cost
  • care
  • cords

And, similarly, these characteristics might also seem vague lets put it this way:  Because curtains are tailored—and consist of a lot of continuous fabric—they can be quite pricey.  In addition, all that fabric requires a lot of care.  Finally, curtains have cords that can be dangerous.

The PROS of Blinds

Blinds are bit different, of course.  Here are some ways that can benefit you:

  • cost
  • clean
  • control

Basically, blinds can cost less, can be easier to clean, and can give you a little more control of light.  Apparently there is an added bonus of simplicity.

The CONS of Blinds

However, here are a few reasons someone might not opt for blinds:

  • design
  • danger
  • deficient

Essentially, blinds can offer only minimal design options; they are probably not a good choice for the aesthetically inclined.  Also, blinds have cords that can be dangerous and they are far less energy efficient than curtains.


At the end of the day, though, the cost and efficacy differentials may not be so dramatic that it is easy to distinguish one from the other. To be perfectly honest, it could come down, quite simply, to a matter of preference.

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