Confused with varied models of ceiling fans? Find the right tips here!

Confused with varied models of ceiling fans? Find the right tips here!

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Installing ceiling fans in every room of your house isn’t merely about choice. Most homeowners agree that using ceiling fans have helped in saving energy, simply because the air-conditioner doesn’t have to work at its peak to cool the room. With Crestarfan, you can minimize energy usage, which can ensure big bill savings in the long run. In case you plan to install new fans or want to replace some of the old ones, here are some quick tips.

A wide range of options

From small ceiling fans to ones made of wooden blades, there are a bunch of different choices in models and designs that you can choose from. However, before you pick one, make sure that you have considered the placement of the fan, because if you want to place it on a slanted roof or sloped ceiling, it might be necessary to call up an electrician to know the possible hurdles. Secondly, consider if you need a remote-controlled ceiling fan. For obvious reasons, these are expensive, but when you are using a lighting kit along with the fan, having a remote just comes handy, while wall control panels are just enough for regular use.

Size, blades and more

Blades can be made of metal, wood, polycarbonate and other materials, and it is a matter of personal choice and aesthetics. A lot of homeowners prefer Singapore ceiling fans with wooden blades, simply because of elegance and natural appeal. What needs more importance is the number of blades in the fan. Traditionally, ceiling fans had four blades, but there’s no norm anymore. At the very basic, you will find at least three blades, while some can have up to five blades. More blades don’t always translate into better performance, because the weight of these blades can affect the performance of the motor.

Coming to the size, it depends on the room, but the diameter of the ceiling fan is important. For big rooms that measure 400-500 square feet, you need a fan with a diameter of at least 50 inches or more. For smaller rooms, a regular 29-inch ceiling fan is more than enough.


Brands and more

Brands are constantly trying to blend aesthetics and functionality for ceiling fans. You can check the Facebook  page for example, for a few ideas. The idea is to buy something that’s useful and blends with the interiors. Lighting kits are quite useful in that regard. You can mix and match lighting kits as required, with desired control, but consider the price, as some of the ceiling fans with such kits can be really expensive.

One of the other importance aspects is the down-rod that’s used to hang the fan. Ideally, the difference in height between the ceiling fan and the floor should be about 7 feet for security needs, but when your ceiling is too high, a drop-down rod is necessary. For smaller rooms or when the ceiling is low, you can go for a hugger fan that can operate close to the ceiling.

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