Common pests in Canada

Common pests in Canada

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Pests in a house are not good. Even if they are not dangerous, they can be very irritating and cause damage in your household items, food, and other parts of the house. That is why people do not want them in their house. Everyone wants a pest free house. Some pests can be easily removed from a house or they can be killed by some insects’ killing sprays and products available in markets but there are also those insects which can be very dangerous and their bite can kill a person. To know about the insects, which are problem for almost every house of Canada, please visit, which is a full pest blog. People can know all about pests present which can be present in their houses and gardens. However, this directory people can know the names, sizes, shapes colors of all pest and they can know how much problem each insect can cause. Here are some of those pests, which are very common in a house.

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Ants are very common in every house in all over the world but there are different kinds of ants in the world. There are almost 12000 different kinds of ants. All these types of ants can be very different in looks, sizes, shape, and colors. For example, larger carpenter ants are black in color and thief ants are brown in color. You can see many different colors of ants such as red, yellow, and many other colors and shades. Mostly ants live under underground near areas where they can get their food easily. Ants come out of their living places mostly in summers or rainy seasons because they want to live in hot areas.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs can be found in under the furniture where the surface is rough and has not been polished. They can cause many health problems like fever or rashes on the skin. After feeding on people, they change their color to red. They remain hidden in day light and come out only at night so it is hard to find out that there are bugs in their house. They mostly bite when a person is sleeping.


Cockroaches are also very common. They can be found mostly in those places where sun height and light does not reach at all.  There are 4000 kinds of these pests and not all of them are very common. They can be in red color, brown or even black color and can grow in a very big size. Cockroaches also have wings but fly very rarely.

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