Checks to Make Before Installing a New Roof

Checks to Make Before Installing a New Roof

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It may be time to repair or replace your old roof, so you should look for warning signs when you decide to inspect the area. Some issues can be resolved with a simple repair, but others require a complete restoration. The only way you’ll really know is if you contact a specialist and have them come take a look. Here are some determining factors.

How old is your current roof?

The vast majority of expert roofers will agree that most roofs last from between 20 to 25 years, depending on the environment and how well you maintain the area. Other factors include the type of ventilation you have running through the structure and whether or not the roof was properly layered. If you’ve an old roof, it most likely contains shingles, if the roof only contains a single layer of shingles, then it is far more susceptible to damage and degradation. If you’ve had previous issues with the roof and the roofing expert you called installed a new layer over an existing feature, there is a good chance you’ll need a complete renovation.

Have you noticed pieces of your room are starting to bend or buckle?

If you’ve gotten out a ladder and decided to inspect your roof, you may have noticed that some of the shingles or tiles have suffered damage and are starting to crack or curl. If this is noticeable all over the structure, it is a sure sign that you need to install a new roof, if you’ve only seen one or two shingles which require attention, then you can contact a roofing specialist and inquire about replacements. Having defective roof fittings is a sign that you may require renovation work, if your premises in situated in WA, and you are in need of Perth roofing experts, there are several reputable companies you can contact throughout the city.

Are you missing any tiles or shingles?

If you notice your roof is missing shingles, it can be a sign you need to invest in a new structure. If there are sizeable gaps in your roofing structure, it may mean your roof is falling apart and needs urgent renovation. The shingles should be intact and numerous loose or missing shingles is a bad sign when observing the condition of your roof.

Is there any stains or dark marks on the ceiling inside your home?

Don’t just take note of your roof, have a look inside your home and see if you notice any dark stains or discolouring on your ceiling. This can be a sign that external elements such as rain is getting through your roof and you’ll need to have it repaired or replaced. Nothing should be able to penetrate your roof and disfigure your ceilings.

Before deciding to install a new roof, contact an expert and invite them out to assess the area. Remember to be careful when dealing with contractors, as some can be dishonest and supply you with wrongful information. So, always deal with a trusted, reputable roofing company to ensure success.

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