Checklist for Hiring Good Moving Company

Checklist for Hiring Good Moving Company

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Although we consider ourselves to be the mobile generation that does not spend entire lifetime at one place, moving can still be a daunting task to handle. It is not like you throw your bag in the back of your car and just drive away into the sunset. In fact, people don’t even realize how much stuff they have collected or hoarded until they need to move.

To make moving a little bit easy you can hire a long distance movers nyc. Here is what you should cross off your checklist before you hire a moving company.


In the service industry, reputation is like pure gold and most companies would never tolerate a taint on it. However, good reputation can only be built in the service industry by delivering flawless service every single time. Word of mouth and positive online reviews will build this reputation. So, always go for a company that holds a good reputation. This will give you a guarantee that you will receive the best service from your moving company.

The Range of Services Offered

Moving is not always limited to loading the stuff in a truck and taking it from point A to point B. A good moving company will do more than just that. They will offer you packing and unpacking services along with transportation. Their packing service will minimize damage and unpacking will help you set up your new place quickly.

They will also offer storage options if you are unable to move into your new place and unpack immediately. This storage will be a secure facility that will protect your stuff from damage caused by natural elements like water and dust as well as from theft.

So, make sure that you tick off the range of services before you hire a moving company.

Insurance Coverage

One of the most ignored aspect of moving is insurance. It is quite expected that during transportation some of your goods might get a little damaged. However, a good insurance cover can help you here.

Good and professional moving companies always try to:

  • Minimize the extent of damages for the customer by using best possible packing practices.
  • Offer maximum insurance coverage possible in case of any damages

One needs to understand that not all the goods can be covered under insurance. There are some exceptions that need to be understood.

Keep Customers Informed

If customers are planning to make an interstate move then federal regulations require the moving companies to educate the customers about their rights and responsibilities during the planning stage itself. Reputed moving companies have a booklet in place that they share with customers during the first meeting itself. This helps them comply with the laws in place. This also helps the customers understand what their rights are against the moving company if things do not go well for them.


Hiring a moving company may not seem to be complicated. However, choosing the right moving company has to be an informed decision.


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