Bring Back the Life of Your Garden; New Trends, Structuring And Optimising

Bring Back the Life of Your Garden; New Trends, Structuring And Optimising

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Summer is here, and it’s a great opportunity to liven up your garden again with more space. Here are some approaches. Garden specialists Oeco Garden Rooms figure out the trends to look out for this summer and breakdown how to deal with structuring and optimising your garden.

Garden life

The best and most simple way to relax and destress is to enjoy your garden. Embrace the simplicity of it, sometimes we all have moments where we get stressed or overwhelmed by something. A lot of technology can strain your eyes and give you headache at times, it’s always a good idea to escape to nature.

The ability to be happy with your garden we’ve brought forward some old and new ideas


  • Arches – Gives a welcome feel to the garden, symbolises peace and freedom. Include flowers wrapping around the bottom and top to a great visual.
  • Arbours – Provides shelter, some have seats some don’t. There are benefits in both types, with no seat you can put in place a BBQ or something that will fit inside which would require shelter. Seats you can relax, sit down and admire your garden with friends or family.
  • Gazebos – Expand your outdoor experience with shelter for large activities, fits a large amount of people inside. Continues the outdoor times despite the weather.
  • Garden furniture – Make your garden a place to relax and enjoy with different chairs and dinning sets.


Armstrong steel buildings make great garden sheds that optimize your outdoor space in larger gardens. You can store away all your garden tools and accessories, making your garden tidier, which will give you the extra space to work with.

They do however take up a bit of room. If it’s too much for the garden space then seek out a chest height storage unit with side opening doors.

Create different levels in your space, for smaller spaces decking can help to split your garden into different levels.

New trends

People are forever deciding on what to implement into their gardens. In order to try something new and keep the garden up to life. Try using new colours to your shed or fences, this really changes the whole mood of the garden and feeling towards it. The whole perspective look will be changed.

Regularly keep your grass cut keep it fresh, Hedge nicely trimmed. Update your flowers with new ones, hanging baskets are welcoming and give a stunning visual towards your garden. Repot any plants that are becoming root bound.

A new patio can transform your garden for more space, it can give a spectacular visual to the garden. Choose new materials for your patio using different styles of paving slabs and bricks. High fencing and walls can make the space feel more enclosed at first. However, you can place fence panels with gaps in between them with flowers wrapped around it.

Hanging egg chair, looks cool and a bit different to your typical hammock. Helicopter chair with built in speakers again looks interesting and new, depends on the size of your garden.

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Garden lighting

Gardens are not just for during the day times, welcome glowing LED lighting into your garden. Lights in the dark are a stunning way to display and make your garden stand out visually.

LED lights are now available in a range of colours and can even be controlled by using a smartphone, great for adding atmosphere to the area when entertaining.Solar lights are also an efficient way to light up walkways and specific areas of the garden.

Wildlife and nature

Give your garden a pleasant breath of fresh air by including the wonderful nature of wildlife into your garden. Attract all kinds of wildlife, certain types of flowers and a bird feeder placed in the heart of your garden. Delivers a dynamic vibe to your garden.