All About Wood Routers – Awesome Tips That Will Help You Get Most Out of Them!

All About Wood Routers – Awesome Tips That Will Help You Get Most Out of Them!

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A wood router with a few bits can help you in applying a variety of shapes to edges of piece of stock. In fact, almost all the router bits are very versatile in nature and can be used to form complex profiles either completely or partially. The following is a complete guide that you need to know in order to get best out of your wood router. You can know more about it just by visiting

Installing router bits properly

There are different routers bits that can be used to apply different shapes to edge of piece of stock, but the router bits won’t cut well if not installed into collet of router in a proper way. Inappropriately installed bit may vibrate very much that can yield rough profile at its best, but can be dangerous at its worst. So, proper installation of the router bits is a key to use the router more efficiently and safely.

Prevent burning by making deep cuts in stages

If you make deep cuts in just single pass may run risk of chipping board and might even lead to marring finished profile. So, ensure to make the deep cuts in numerous passes and try cutting deep every time. Some of the wood species might chip more than the other ones. So, run test on scrap board of same species.

Routing narrow stock

You can fasten support board to bench in order to stabilize router and stop board to secure it. In such a way, you won’t require clamps. Routing a clean, smooth edge profile on the narrow wood pieces is quite tricky. Clamps generally get in way of router and it is difficult to keep base from rocking on narrower surface.

You can solve both the issues just by screwing to workbench a support board having similar thickness as work-piece. Screw stop to bench at end of board to prevent it from slipping. It allows router wider surface to rest upon that will eliminate rocking and forces work-piece against support board.

Spiral and straight router bits

While looking at some router bit profiles, you might find variety of the bits to make same cut. For example, in order to make straight cut that you might find downdraft or updraft spiral cutting bits or variety of the straight cutting bits with multiple or one straight flutes. While all might make same cut, there is difference between spiral and straight cutting bit.

Reducing router tear-out

When applying profile with router bit, most of the woodworkers encounter the issue of tearing of wood. It is almost impossible to eliminate possibility of this tear-out completely, but taking some precautions can help you in reducing its frequency.

Partial profile router cuts

There is a wide array of router bit profiles that are available to use with the router. However, by applying the partial profiles in conjunction with two or even more bits, you can create unlimited variety of the profiles on edge of board.

A wood router does much more than just cutting fancy edges. You can get outstanding results by following the above tips.


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