All about the religious candles

All about the religious candles

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Since ancient period candles are used for the spiritual as well as for the religious purpose. Candle carries a great importance in almost every religion and it is burned or flamed to bring prosperity to life. Introduction of 7-day candles increases the use of these spiritual candles more. These candles also help the person to protect their wealth, health and family from any kind of negativity.

7-day spiritual candles are available in a great variety that you can purchase from  Before purchasing the candles it is very essential for you to know what color of the candle that you need. Colors in candle carry a great importance because specific color provides specific effect in life or use for specific purpose such as –

Red candles – In physical world red color is very firmly rooted. Red candle burning symbolizes the flesh power and it also represents the temporal pleasures. It is a great symbol of passion as well of love and scorn. It also provides the courage to person, so that they can stand up against their enemy. This color also simulates the vitality, energy, personal power as well as fertility.

Yellow candles – Yellow color also exemplifies the intellect as well as brainpower. Those who light up the yellow color candle seek the access of the wisdom of age and this candle also help the person to gain the full control over the mental power. Yellow represents the inspiration, creativity, learning, logic as well as action. Helps the person to get close to attain the goals of cheerfulness, stability, endurance as well as crave security.

Green candles – If you want to get success as well as abundance in life then uses of this color candle is prove to be very valuable. If there is any block road then this color can open that block road show you the path of prosperity.

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