A Quick Guide to Choosing Lighting for Your Bathroom

A Quick Guide to Choosing Lighting for Your Bathroom

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Bathrooms are tricky. Due to their nature, it is difficult to add personality or turn them from simply functional spaces into wow-factor or even cosy ones. Suffice to say, a bathroom is not a great space in which to place ornaments. The high levels of moisture, often lack of space and practical nature of a bathroom means that curios placed within them tend not to fair too well, even when intended as bathroom ornaments. Equally, neither can a dingy bathroom be brightened up nor a stark one softened with the addition of a lamp or too.

Then, how does one personalise, light and create the ideal bathroom that marries both function and fashion? Well, getting the lighting right is one way. Not only will clever use of light ensure a bathroom is a safe and well lit space but lighting can also be used to create ambience and alter the mood and feel of a bathroom depending on whether you are perhaps attempting to perfect your eyeliner or take a relaxing bath.

Safety Matters

It is no secret that electricity and water don’t mix. For this reason and due to the fact that here in the UK we use some of the highest voltage electrics within the home in the entire world, there are strict regulations as to what lighting fittings can legally be used within UK domestic bathrooms.

The regulations, for those interested in reading them, are covered by the Ingress Protection Rating. The Ingress Protection rating is used to assess the amount of moisture / water able to enter or penetrate a given light fitting. This score in turn is referred to as an IP resistance rating. Only fixtures and fittings which carry certain IP scores can be legally or safely used within UK bathrooms. You can learn more about which can be used and why others cannot by reading the in-depth information provided via the Homebase DIY store website.

In summary, fail to abide by these regulations and not only can you kiss goodbye to your home insurance coverage, at worst you could find yourself kissing goodbye to a loved one or your own life.

How to Control the Light within a Bathroom

Because of the issue of safety discussed above, lighting a bathroom is something many of us approach with total bewilderment, and even fear. In fact, a good deal of people ignore the matter entirely, believing the fixture provided upon moving in, especially in newer homes and ex-social housing properties where a plush fitting and fixture have often been fixed, is their only option.

Rather than tackle or get one’s head around how to add, move or address supplementing existing light fittings when lighting a bathroom, and not least because this can prove extremely costly as well as pose safety issues when not gone about by professionals, a fantastic alternative is to consider the advice provided by designer lighting experts the Oberoi Brothers, who suggest those wishing to gain more control of their bathroom lighting: ‘install a dimmer switch (outside the bathroom)! These can be a great way to further control the mood of the room by adjusting the brightness of the lights and come much-welcomed early in the morning or during that middle-of-the-night toilet trip’. 

Combining Style and Light

Of course one massively popular and affordable means of adding a little extra light to a bathroom along with some ambience and even a fragrance is to invest in some choice, scented candles.

Candles are one of those home interior items that divide many people (and even households) about as much as the argument over shower vs. bath, but the bathroom is one space where candles can in the modern age still be put to real use. That is, the combined features of a candle means that unlit they can still be used as colour accenting ornaments whilst high quality scented candles will also fragrance a room whether lit or not, acting as an attractive alternative to an air freshener. And, finally, when lit candles will create a soft, ambient light which is both soothing and relaxing, and doubly so when enjoyed whilst soaking in a hot bath.

For more reasons why candles really are a genuinely good item with which to furnish a bathroom, and some valuable advice on how to go about buying the best, continue your reading via the Candle Junkies website article: Bathroom Decor Ideas and How to Choose The Best Candle For Your Bathroom.