A Complete Guide On Bourbon Barrel Furniture

A Complete Guide On Bourbon Barrel Furniture

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While decorating your home everyone like a place to relax and the furniture to complement and complete its relaxing atmosphere. Savoring a glass of bourbon while sitting on a chair made by a Bourbon barrel is a feeling that can only be experienced and it cannot be explained. You can make your own Bourbon barrel furniture, by first sourcing a barrel and then working on its conversion to a piece of furniture that you wish for or you can buy it from professionals that create such beauties.

Specialty of Bourbon barrel furniture

Many of the furniture’s that are made using a Bourbon barrel are unique and their designs are patented under U.S. Design Patent. The addition of a unique piece of furniture allows a unique touch of vintage elegance to your home. Another advantage that makes each piece of furniture desirable is that each of them is handcrafted with utmost care and attention. Usually, furniture is custom made as per your choice and requirement or you can choose a design suitable to you from the designer’s catalogue.

Advantages of owning Bourbon barrel furniture

The uniqueness and beauty of these furniture will always be a hot topic of discussion among your friends.

It adds a certain charisma and rustic feel to your decor with all the sophistication of a vintage piece of furniture.

All the furniture’s are created by upcycling used Bourbon barrels thereby making them environment-friendly.

Popular furniture designs

A few of the most popular designs that are popular among the Bourbon furniture enthusiast’s are as follows

  • Rocking chairs – Your favorite rocking chair to help you relax and enjoy a glass of bourbon while slowly rocking to and fro.

  • End tables – These are highly popular and most sought after Bourbon barrel furniture. They are normally of two heights, 24, and 18 inches. The smaller ones are nice additions to the lounge chairs whereas the 24 inches models are best used by placing them besides living room couches or beds. The smaller models are good for sitting comfortably and relaxing. The tops can be the outside faces with occasional stamps and dates from their distillery days or the inside bases that are darker and nicely stained.
  • Pub Stools – These are used both at home and for commercial places like a pub. They come with memory swivels to give you comfortable sitting experience. They also come with a backrest for maximum comfort.
  • Bench – Every bench will be different with different markings all over it. They are the most popular choices to be placed at restaurant gardens or bistro.

Other type of popular furniture’s includes Lounge chairs, Ottoman, etc. A bourbon barrel can also be used to craft beautiful pieces like a lovely chess set with a vintage feel or a functional chopping or cutting boards or pizza butter with a handle made with a Bourbon barrel piece. All these and many more types of unique things can be found at The Hungarian Workshop.

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This article has been written by Arthur Cooper. The best place to buy authentic, handcrafted bourbon Barrel furniture’s is The Hungarian Workshop. All their products are guaranteed hand crafted and are unique as well as functional. Their offered designs can be seen and upcoming sales can be known by accessing their website.

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