4 Kitchen Storage Ideas to Save Space

4 Kitchen Storage Ideas to Save Space

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Whether out of financial necessity—rents are getting higher and outpacing income—or a sense of practicality it seems like more and more people are considering smaller living concepts.  Just look at the rental section of any local classified and you will find an abundance of ads for micro studio apartments and tiny houses.  

And when you think about it, living with less space—and less stuff—is not necessarily a bad thing. Still, it does make storage for the things you do have a bit more complicated.  All that in mind, here are a few innovative Cuisines Rosemere storage ideas for your kitchen that might help a little.


Right now, open cabinets and cupboards are a very popular kitchen trend.  Essentially, take the doors of your existing storage units and you are participating in the new trend.  Designing a space around this concept, however, might employ wider and longer shelving as well as other freestanding storage options (like butcher block island storage for your knives) so that you have everything you need for food prep within quick reaching distance.


Of course, you could go completely in the other direction and start with fully customized storage for your kitchen.  Or, at the very least, a customized pantry.  If you are an avid cook—and especially if you and your spouse (and your family) like to cook—designing a pantry that best suits your eating habits could dramatically increase efficiency in your home. With kitchens getting smaller and smaller, an original pantry design will make best use of your storage space according to only what your family needs.


Square footage tends to be measured from corner to corner to corner. It does not, necessarily, include how much space you have overhead.  Of course, when you build a home you typically don’t build any higher than the average adult can reach, but if you are trying to save space, this is exactly where you might want to start looking.  Most of the time, people think of “shelving” in terms of horizontal, but is limited by not only the length of the wall but also by cupboards, appliances, and other things you might keep around the perimeter.  


Finally, and briefly, consider storing spices in a drawer and not on a spinning countertop rack.  This frees up precious food prep real estate and also protects some of the more precious spices from sunlight, moisture, and heat damage.

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